Our cyber insurance, is a new market leading online quote & bind solution.

The annual global cost of Cyber-crime is predicted to hit £4.5 trillion by 2021.

Now is the time to take action and provide your clients with a comprehensive Cyber Insurance solution which provides pro-active risk management and real-time, online scanning & monitoring of the policyholders systems.


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Unlike other Cyber Insurance products in the market, Aura Cyber delivers a whole host of additional coverage & benefits:

Cyber Policy Coverage Standard Product Cyber Insure
Brand & Reputation Proection
Cyber Extortion
Business Interruption
Breach Notification
PCI DSS Fines & Penalties
Regulatory Defence
Unlimited telephone & e-mail Advice
Online Knowledge Centre with access to over 500 resources
Online Employee Training Program
24/7 365 scanning & monitoring of your Digital Systems
Online Platform with VRI functionality & sector specific claims examples

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